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Making Adoptions Happen

Honest, affordable, and aggressive representation is what Dret A McHatton Attorney at Law in Redding, California, provides you for adoptions. You may not know it, but legal guardianships and adoption are two different cases. With adoptions, the parental rights are permanently ended. The legal relationship is permanent, and the adopting family is exactly the same as a birth family in legal terms. An adoptee inherits from the adoptive parental figures.

Adoption Assistance

If you are thinking of adopting a child, consider traditional adoption. This is a great way to make a difference in a child's life by giving them a home and loving parents. We work with potential parents in the Redding area with the legal process of traditional adoption. We know that everyone has their own reasons to adopt a child, whether it's to have a child of their own or to simply help a child in need. In all cases adoption is a life-changing event for both the potential parents and the child. The legal aspects of adoption can be tricky and many times an adoption attorney is required to guide you through the legal process. If you are in need of an attorney to get the process started, contact us today.  

Adopting Children