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Assertive Family Law

In dealing with family law, it is important to have a lawyer who is with you every step of the way.  At the office of Dret A. McHatton, our legal teams work with you from start to finish, getting you the representation, commitment, and results you deserve. We work with our clients in aspects of family law, whether you need an annoulment, divorce, legal seperation, or paternity issues. Trust us for the guidence and information you need to make the right decisions during this very difficult time.

Professional, Personalized Representation

Rely on our team for the personalized and professional representation in court to ensure your child maintains their sense of family and connection despite any changes to the family structure. Trust our experience in family law.

Handling Divorce

Going through a divorce or separation can be a tough time. Don't add trying to negotiate and cypher through legal jargon to the list of your struggles. We are committed to providing you with the aggressive legal counsel by handling the negotiations and legal jargon that puts your child's best interest first. With private phone consultations and reasonably priced representation, we ensure you get the information you need to usher in the next phase of your family's future.

Relationship Problems